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"Douglas Layton is the founder of several International humanitarian organizations, an American author, businessman, and champion of human Rights and religious freedom in the Middle East. He is an adviser to various social and political groups including the Kurds of Iraq. Layton is also an artist and avid patron of the arts."

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There is a profound difference between "jewelry" and "Jewelry Art". I have designed unique jewelry to adorn the everyday life or for the special occasions where the usual is simply not enough. I have also created Jewelry Art to make a statement beyond mere adornment. Having traveled in over 100 countries I have been fortunate to acquire a collection of rare items that many say belong in a museum. I on the other hand believe they should be worn for the world to behold. I also find great joy in taking family heirlooms, restoring them and creating a fresh work of wearable art for my clients. It is my sincere desire that you will enjoy wearing these Jewels as much as I have found them satisfying to create.
                                                                                                              Douglas Layton




A general love for, or benevolence toward, the whole of humankind and a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities.

Douglas Layton has spent his entire life searching the nooks and secret corners of the world for the rare items used in his art. Along the way he has discovered civilizations that have produced the world’s greatest art - Persia - India - china – Egypt and many others.

but he also found that somewhere along the way many of these gifted peoples have experienced the pain and suffering brought on by the tragedies of war and famine. during these times the arts have often suffered to the point of disappearing forever.

  • In Armenia 1.5 million were massacred in 1915 and many of the artisans were killed.
  • in china "cultural” revolution destroyed the art and crafts of thousands of years - history's greatest carvers of Jade were condemned as bourgeoisie relics and imprisoned by the thousands.
  • In Kurdistan over 300,000 were gassed or “disappeared” by Saddam Hussein and the artists watched while his army burned the art of the nation in the streets hoping to eradicate the culture of the Kurds from the face of the earth.

these sad stories (and many more like them) when confronting the artist face to face became a call to action and he began to do all he could both to alleviate the immediate suffering of the people he encountered and also to help bring a renaissance of art to these classic art regions and to his own nation - America.

  • Dr. Layton was once the largest patron of Kurdish in the world – a boast he jokes was easy as he was about the only patron of Kurdish art in the world – no longer true due is some small part to his promotion of the Kurdish artists worldwide. Promoting struggling artists and mentoring young talent is at the heart of AURIOLUS  Philosophy.
  • Douglas  often creates art from pre-genocide Armenian elements as a testimony to the skill of these incredible jewelers and as a reminder that their “holocaust” should also “never be forgotten”. He loves the history of the world but is aware it is not always beautiful.
  • Many designers have made fortunes by “outsourcing” their work to the Chinese whose skilled craftsmen labor for 65 cents an hour and make the artists’ work cheaper in the US and Europe. Dr. Layton refuses to go down this road and insists that any artist anywhere must be remunerated according to their skill with no regard for Auriolus profit. However he does often  use artists in places like Istanbul to help complete his creations – but because they are the best not the cheapest.