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Douglas Layton has created amazing gardens all over the world. He has lived in a dozen countries and wherever he found a home he always left a "Magic Garden" for the future occupiers to enjoy. 

Now you can have your own magic garden created by a Master Garden Artist

Douglas will take whatever nook you have and turn it into an amazing space  - for meditation - contemplation - or whatever being close to nature means to you.

Each Garden is custom designed for the client - some are themed with faeries or angels - others contain rare works of TIME ART created by the artist.

If requested and appropriate the artist will include a compliment of bees to pollinate the garden and the world around you.

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                                                   LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!  
Get a free quote. The artist will visit your prospective garden site and discuss all the magical possibilities with you. 

If you have a dream garden in mind, the artist will help your dream become reality. 

There are two basic options for creating your garden.

1) The artist will design and execute the design giving you a finished garden that you can enjoy and then tend. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the garden and the time required to "grow" the basic garden. There are several options for art work and themes that can be incorporated into the your garden. 

2) The artist will design the garden with you and provide a list of resources and suppliers that will enable you to build you own art garden.

There is also an option to have your own beehive incorporated into the garden area if local regulations permit and space is available. The artist works with local Beekeepers who will help you establish your hive and enjoy the wonders of these amazing creatures without which mankind could not survive.

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Re: Art Garden

Dear Douglas

We are forever thankful for the fairy garden art you created for us in Malibu, CA. Now that we have been settled in Florida we are looking forward to your creation of an art garden for our home in Boca Raton. The children are excited about the “Hobbit” door and your design of the statue of the angel is amazing, We cannot wait to see it all completed.  We understand that you have been pre-occupied with other projects and that "growing great gardens" takes time and patience as you so graciously taught us in California. We know from experience it is worth the wait! :)

Annelise Lentz

Boca Raton, FL


Dear Douglas

I love your "magic" gardens and as we discussed can't wait for you to create an art garden in the space at my house in Delray. The fairy you designed is so fantastic and a wonderful centerpiece for the theme of the Garden I have always dreamed of owning.

Thank you,

Tara Sinclair 
Delray Beach, FL


                    Dr. Douglas Layton - Master Designer

My bees are crafty creatures

I once spent a great deal of time planting Bahia grass, which has no flowers, thus no pollen.The bees over planted mine with clover grass, which produces small flowers and generous amounts of pollen. The bees harvest the pollen from their grass and with it create honey to feed the hive

They also use it to create Royal Jelly, which they feed to the Queen Bee. She gives birth to more bees that, in turn, pollinate the world’s food supply thus making it possible for mankind (and me) to survive.


When gardening
it is best to consult

 the bees first!