Designer of Jewels - Facilitator of Dreams


Tara Sinclair was born in Paris and grew up in New York surrounded by culture and the Arts from the first day of her life. As a child her love for the arts was ignited by her father who was an avid art patron, collector and gallery owner.  This early passion continues to fuel her life’s path and purpose to this day.

She has shopped the street markets and boutiques of America and in faraway lands such as Budapest and beyond - searching for fascinating clothes, handbags, and jewelry creating her own personal style along the way.  

Her education was focused on fashion design, merchandising and marketing at the oldest fashion college in the United States - Lavatory Institute of Merchandising located in the heart of New York City. LIM’s slogan “Where Fashion Meets Business” embodied the goal of Tara’s life - bringing beauty to the world around her. Later she worked with Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, L’Oreal, Doris International, Hoshoni, Fashion Group International and Revlon.

A fateful meeting with a sassy Russian woman landed Tara in New York’s bustling diamond district, where she accepted the Public Relations position at Verragio, a cutting edge engagement ring manufacturer that has long set a standard of breathtaking clarity of design. This experience gave her a broad understanding of the fine jewelry industry and an opportunity to use her natural social and marketing skills.

In Delray Beach, Florida - “by chance” Tara met a newly arrived jewelry artist from Malibu, California who was showing a few of his creations to friends – Jewels from thousands of years past recreated into the most elegant and contemporary jewels of the present. She found this man to be a quiet artist/philosopher who had spent much of his life serving the poor of the world in his journeys around the world. Tara immediately wanted the world to taste the fire of this artists’ heart. The two hit it off immediately and Tara’s incredible business acumen coupled with the artist’s awe inspiring skills has made this a dream team. Tara says, “I think our passion for beauty, culture, history and the betterment of life brought us together. The day I met a true “explorer” with boxes full of timeless beauty and wisdom! How could I resist! My life will never be the same!”

Another of the important bonds that were forged early on between artist and agent was the passion to give to the less fortunate of the world. Both Tara and the artist she represents have spent their lives returning back a large portion of the gifts with which they were bestowed to those who been less fortunate. If you happen to ask Tara what her greatest accomplishments in life have been to date, she is sure to tell you it is the enriching experiences she has had working to build a better world community. She deeply feels that bringing others joy , beauty and comfort are her purpose and life mission which she has pursued from the time she was a young "Candy Stripe" working with patients and assisting the hospital of Port Jefferson, NY in fundraising.

Ten years ago Tara signed on to be a Wish Granter with the Make a Wish Foundation and was awarded a "Rising Star" award in 2005 for her excellence in makng children's wishes come true. Still grants wishes each year and loved and hugs her special wish children and has said many times that wish granting gives her the opportunity to play fairy godmother and what can be more fun than that!

She rea;izes that it takes a lot of resources to help make dreams come true so she has worked with many non profits and community art programs by offering her event planning and marketing skills to create fund raising events, bring public awareness and secure sponsorships. A few of the many wonderful foundations she has worked with include; Deliver the Dream, Women for Women International, Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Delray Beach Center for the Arts, Bottomless Closet, and Delray Beach Education Foundation.

She has worked with Alfred Angelo Bridal for the past 10 years and was asked to create and lead their corporate community giving program called "Alfred Angelo Do Goodies" which has volunteered time, goods and funds to many local and national non profits.